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Sebastien Clamorgan

Sebastien Clamorgan: from the noble history of his family to Venia International

Sebastien Clamorgan, an experienced entrepreneur leading the global investment firm Venia International, is also deeply committed to keeping alive the memory of his noble family: the surname “Clamorgan” comes from the Gaelic motto “GWLADMORGAWN”, which means appealing, charming, and rejoice. The name “Clamorgan” was first

Trucklog LTD: the story of the company and Sebastien Clamorgan’s (Venia International) support

Venia International, the global consulting and investment firm led by Sebastien Clamorgan, supports Trucklog LTD activities in order to improve safety across transport businesses in Nigeria. Recently Trucklog received recognitions in the Truck Availability Awards decreed by LAFARGE. Sebastien Clamorgan’s support for Trucklog LTD Trucklog