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Big Data, 4 Italian companies out of 10 do not know what they are

The Big Data “will drive the economy in the coming years.” Provided that you know what you are talking about: according to a survey of the Adecco Group and the University of Milan-Bicocca, 40% of Italian Italian companies do not know the concept and only 12% use “big” for purposes Data trade, while 48% admit to having only a partial mastery. The sample consists of about 350 company representatives and has been drawn between companies of different size and sector of origin, with engineering-electronics industry dominance (41.02%) and trade and services (26.29%). SMEs account for almost half of the survey (47.14%), but the delay on the phenomenon does not seem to be their exclusive: about one in three (35.03%) came from large industries, in theory more prone digital update with respect to the micro-sized companies, small or medium.

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