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Digital revolution, Vittorio Massone’s point on the changes in corporate roles due to the digital transformation

In the next twenty years, the digital revolution will show its effects in all areas of economy and these changes will also challenge traditional corporate organizational models: as a result, even corporate roles will be overturned. This is the argument by Vittorio Massone, a great expert in management and strategic consultancy, active in digital transformation projects. Professional profiles in contact with the customer and those related to technology, he explains, will take on a primary role. Together with this, the manager’s role will change: we will see a change in roles and approaches, with the risk that the manager will be perceived as an element of rigidity in a system that must be fluid.
The in-depth analysis by Vittorio Massone, current Vice President of Alkemy – a company that operates in the field of the evolution of business models – analyses then another decisive aspect of the phenomenon of digital revolution, that is, that which concerns the management of human capital. The revolution, in fact, will bring about drastic changes also in this sector: leaving out the replacement of humans with robots and machine learning, the ways to attract new talents as well as approaches to job sharing, team-working, objectives, measurement of results and payment arrangements will take into account the change. Finally, the relationship with the capital suppliers will be modified. Therefore, the digital revolution poses several challenges for companies but, as illustrated in the intervention by Vittorio Massone, if they are able to face these challenges, they will benefit from great opportunities. To this end, the Vice President of Alkemy stresses the need for professionals who are able to support entrepreneurs and who accompany them in understanding the new risk-return models. Professional profiles, therefore, capable of creating synergies within a certain ecosystem, accompanying companies on this continuous and uncertain growth path with capitals that are faithful but also flexible in the long term.

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