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Nigeria, the “Badagry MegaPort and Free Zone” project: Sebastien Clamorgan’s firm it’s participating

Sebastien Clamorgan is a successful professional and entrepreneur. The company that he founded, Venia International, during several years of activities undertook many projects and partnerships across multiples sectors of the industry. Thanks to the success of these initiatives, Venia International is now a key regional player in the MENA area. The company invests in many different projects but focuses in particular in the shipping, food and beverage, security, consumer goods and real estate sectors. The firm is now well active also in the creation of joint ventures in the port management field.

Sebastien Clamorgan in the “Badagry MegaPort and Free Zone” project

Developing a new, ultra-modern port and free zone, in order to create an innovative platform for national and regional development of businesses in Nigeria: this is the aim of a project called “Badagry MegaPort and Free Zone”, in which Sebastien Clamorgan and Venia International are playing a crucial role. The project wants to partner with the Nigerian Government and business leaders in order to create useful solutions to support a solid and sustainable growth in the interested areas. The Badagry MegaPort and Free Zone is now in development thanks to a partnership between private entities, and is overseen by the Federal Government, the Federal Ministry of Transport, the Nigerian Port Authorities, the Federal Ministry of Trade Investment and the Lagos State Government. Also, a few private consortiums of companies agreed to support the project, which is designed to give the possibility to learn from worldwide assets and expertise while conducting business in the interested local areas. This is an ambitious project: to guarantee its success, some of the largest companies in Nigeria have joined forces in a consortium, in order to deliver a successful Greenfield port & Free Zone. Thanks to this, the project will work as a catalyst for the growth of Nigeria. In this context, the global consulting and investment firm Venia International, led by Sebastien Clamorgan, played a fundamental role of deal maker, broker and representative of stakeholder’s interests. The firm is also active in building partnerships and joint ventures in the port management field, both in Africa and Europe. For all these reasons, thanks to the passion and the professionality of its founder and to the successful tasks carried out during the years, Venia International is now a recognized key player in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Sebastien Clamorgan: Venia Internationa’s history

As a key company for the African and Middle East Region, Venia International is a well-known firm founded in the late Nineties by Sebastien Clamorgan, a professional and an entrepreneur who operates in the business field of consultancy. He also presents multinationals, private equity, shipping & logistics to infrastructure, food & beverage and real estate. Venia International’s success is based on more than 25 years of experience in its sector, supporting the establishment of several global brands. The company managed to carry out many projects relating to different business sectors: its services include supporting the development of planning processes and the growth of roadmaps. Venia International also provides useful advice on the best approaches for profitable business, offering key insights to markets and local contents to ensure companies comply with regulatory frameworks. Sebastien Clamorgan‘s firm also provides a solid know-how regarding the MENA area. The company is well known for its partnerships and joint ventures, in particular for the ones pertaining the port management sector.

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