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Venia International and Sebastien Clamorgan supporting the business of Trucklog LTD

The global consulting and investment firm Venia International is an indirect shareholder of Trucklog LTD, whose activities are supported by the firm founded and owned by Sebastien Clamorgan. Among the services provided by Venia International, companies can find support in order to improve quality and safety within several sectors of the industry.

Transports and safety: Sebastien Clamorgan’s support to Trucklog LTD

Venia International is an indirect shareholder of Trucklog LTD, a transport company which was registered in 2015, and started operations in 2017. Thanks to the support given by Sebastien Clamorgan‘s firm in improving quality and safety across transport businesses, Trucklog LTD is able to provide efficient services, thus becoming a leader company among the transport and logistics solutions providers in the Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2017 the company started working in Nigeria, specifically in the area of Calabar, the capital of Cross River State, with the purpose of catering to Lafarge Africa Plc, a cement manufacturer majorly controlled by LafargeHolcim. Just 18 months after starting its activities, Trucklog LTD was already Lafarge’s best performer with regard to revenue and safety. Furthermore, the transport company turned out to be the best transporter in the east side of Nigeria during the period 2018-2019, due to its improved safety performances. It is no by chance that Venia International is an indirect shareholder of Trucklog LTD: Sebastian Clamorgan‘s firm, in fact, plays a crucial role in supporting the quality and safety of activities in countries where businesses are run. The sectors of the industry where the firm operates are many and include private equity, shipping & logistics to infrastructure, food & beverage, and real estate. The firm support companies’ successful market entry, as well as the development of planning processes and growth roadmaps.

The activities of Sebastien Clamorgan’s Venia International

Venia International is the global consulting and investment firm founded and owned by Sebastien Clamorgan, whose main goal is to open the gateways to Africa and Middle East. The firm managed to become a leader company and a reference point in the area, thanks to its several project across different sectors of the industry. Founded in the late Nineties, Venia International provides crucial insights into markets and, by means of its regional know-how, it offers corporations local content to ensure that they comply with regulatory frameworks, such as relevant policies and regulations. In this way, the global consulting and investment firm helps improving quality and safety within several business fields. Furthermore, the firm supports its partners by means of strategic planning processes, and by providing advice on the most achievable approach for successful businesses. Today Venia International keeps on launching plans and creating big partnerships with players operating in the fields of food & beverage, oil & gas, logistics and shipping. One important partnership is the one built with Eat’n’go – an African restaurant group dedicated to bringing Food & Beverage brands – that led the group to become the premier food operator in Africa, as well as the exclusive master franchisee for big food & beverage companies. Nowadays, the support given by Venia International to develop new companies plays an increasingly relevant role in the MENA region, and led the firm to be recognized as a reference point in the Middle East and North Africa area.

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