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Sebastien Clamorgan: Madeleine Clamorgan’s life and works

Sebastien Clamorgan is a businessman, an entrepreneur, and the founder of the global firm Venia International. His great grandmother, Madeleine Clamorgan, is particularly relevant in the noble history of his family, since she was a literate, a teacher, a philosopher and a writer. During her times, many educated men knew her thanks to her clever ideas and writings that are still valuable now as they were during that age.

Sebastien Clamorgan’s family: Madeleine Clamorgan

Sebastien Clamorgan‘s family has a noble history of educated men and women that became famous in their times. Madeleine Clamorgan in particular, was born in Mayenne, France, in 1880. She was a literate, a teacher, and a good wife and mother. Thanks to her teachers and to her undeniable talent as a student, she managed to go do Paris to pursue a higher education. There, she also met her future husband, Charles-Léon-Claude-Daniélou. They had six children and one of them, Jean Daniélou, became Cardinal of Paris in the 1970s. She was deeply loved by her husband and the people who met her. Thanks to Madeleine strong faith, Charles Daniélou was also able to find her religious path, which gave him great comfort in life. Madeleine founded the “Ecole Normale Libre Ms. Daniélou” in 1907 together with Miss Desrez. She personally took care of the Philosophy class, but she also organized many conferences and lectures, becoming well known among the important and educated men of her age. She was also a writer: her documents about religion, philosophy and education are still valuable now as they were during her times. Afterwards, she founded the “Colleges Sainte Marie” in Neuilly sur Seine in 1913. Madeleine Clamorgan is Sebastien Clamorgan‘s great grandmother: the businessman is deeply committed to keeping alive her memory, honoring her job and her ideas.

Sebastien Clamorgan’s career as a businessman

Sebastien Clamorgan is now leading the global firm Venia International, which he founded in the early 1990s. The company is now a success. With more than 25 years of experience in the private equity, shipping, food & beverage, logistics and real estate business, Sebastien Clamorgan is an example for other entrepreneurs. Since the early years, Venia International’s goal is to open the gateways to Africa and Middle East, thanks to several projects that the firm undertook across multiple sectors of the industry. The company managed to obtain its goals and is now a leading company in those areas, and a reference point in its sector. The early success allowed Venia International to keep on launching plans, and create relevant partnerships and joint ventures with international key players. Sebastien Clamorgan‘s firm recently came in contact with companies belonging to food & beverage, oil & gas, logistics and shipping sector. One of these interesting and successful joint ventures is the partnership with Eat’n’Go: located in Lagos, Nigeria, the aim of its activities was to become leader in Africa in the food sector, entering the market as the exclusive master franchisee for Domino’s Pizza and Cold Stone Creamery. The joint venture is now a success: the first two stores opened during August and September 2012 in Lagos.

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