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Terna will work with The Mobility House. Luigi Ferraris: new agreement signed

Terna continues its commitment to sustainable development: the national operator led by Luigi Ferraris aims to guide the energy transition, therefore will work with The Mobility House for integration the renewables with the grid and development of e-mobility.

Luigi Ferraris: Terna Energy Solutions signs with the Mobility House

Special attention to local areas, respect for the environment, meetings with local communities and the use of advanced technology are the guides that will move Terna forward over the coming years. A kind of proactive approach will make the national electricity transmission system operator the leader of the ongoing energy transition, as Luigi Ferraris said during the presentation of the strategic plan (2019-2023). In this context, the latest news is the agreement between Terna Energy Solution (belonging to the Terna Group) and The Mobilty House, a young firm whose aim is to drive on the transition to the use of sustainable energy sources. Following this partnership, they will able to develop and roll out of innovative intelligent charging solution for electric vehicles. In addition, the Group led by Luigi Ferraris and young technology company will work together for identification and design solutions enabling integration of renewables with the grid, with prime focus on the smaller Italian Island, as the signed Memorandum of Understanding referred.

Terna: company profile and core business of the Group led by Luigi Ferraris

Considered one of the Italian excellences, Terna is among the leading electricity transmission system operators in Europe in terms of kilometers of lines managed. Led by the Chief Executive Officer Luigi Ferraris, the society manages the high voltage Italian transmission grid, one of the most modern and technologically advanced in Europe, as well as playing a central role in transforming the electricity market towards the use of eco-compatible sources, guaranteeing a secure and efficient supply to households and businesses. The company structure of the Group consists of the holding company, Terna S.p.A., and its two operating subsidiaries: Terna Rete Italia and Terna Plus. The service which the society provides in Italy is crucial to the operation of the entire electricity system and for guaranteeing the supply of electricity to all, companies and private individuals alike. In playing such a prime role, Terna has responsibility for supplying the entire country’s electricity needs, not directly but via those companies that distribute and sell electricity to end-consumers. It is internationally oriented: the commitment is to make its role even more central within Europe to strengthen Italy’s position as electricity hub between Europe and the Mediterranean and due to its strong effort in promoting a sustainable approach, it has been recognized as the global leader of the electric utilities sector with its tenth consecutive placing in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. In addition, the Group led by Luigi Ferraris, is also present in other important international sustainability indices such as Bloomberg GEI, Euronext (World, Europe and Eurozone), FTSE4Good (Global and Europe), STOXX® ESG (Global, Environmental, Social and Governance), STOXX® Low Carbon, ECPI, ESI (Ethibel Sustainability Index), MSCI, United Nations Global Compact (“GC100”); and in the Italian indices FTSE ECPI Italia SRI Benchmark and Italia SRI Leaders, drawn up only from listed Italian companies.

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